Public Goods Funding,

Meet Regen Finance

"Battle royale meets RPG game mechanics for public goods funding."

Public goods are non-rivalrous by nature, but to fund open source development, we’re going to have to compete like capitalists to give it all away to those who are really building the future.

“Level 0” (formerly known as Pool 0) is designed to take players through the "tutorial starting grounds" of bootstrapping liquidity, thereby creating an initial seed distribution of "Regens"; Level 1 is the “proving grounds”, where those with newfound $PUBG stakes will compete for the last of the supply before the first rebase - as well as anyone who wishes to join the journey for sustainable public goods funding.

The rebase cannot happen until 97% of the supply is mined. Once the first LP assets have been staked, the game contract begins emitting PUBG. There are 25,000 PUBG in Level 0, and 75,000 in Level 1. Issuance halves for PUBG every 18hrs in Level 0 and 1.

Once the first rebase has occurred, they will continue in perpetuity every 24hrs, slowly distributing PUBG to more public goods enthusiasts who understand the game.

Level 0 yields the initial $PUBG token supply. To join this pool, you need to stake Curve $sUSDv2 LP tokens through the Public Goods application.

For Level 1 you must stake sUSD/PUBG LP tokens that can be acquired by depositing $PUBG and $sUSD into the $PUBG Uniswap pool.

7% of every claim goes to the public treasury controlled initially by "nobodies". We will retain 50% of the 7% (3.5%), and the remaining 3.5% will be given away to open source developers and organizations.

These are the funds that will be used to payout developers as a form of airdrops after Level 0 and Level 1. This is to be facilitated a few ways via Gitcoin public ETH addresses and will be scripted.

If distribution doesn’t happen fast enough, we will deploy the remainder of the treasury following the launch of pool 1, prior to the first rebase. This will adjust sensibly if need be based on how the game emerges.
All societies, both past and present had to bare the burden of balancing the provision of goods to the public. When this happens, we see a government structure arise. This is the case because any sustainable networked ecosystem of monies and incentives is only achieved with theres an equi-balance of market forces, both public and private.

PUBG (Public Goods) seeks to gamify finding a positive sum externality where we can reward the public developers sustaining the future of decentralized finance and the web, while using targeted airdrops to on-board and incentivize new entrants as the network matures for private individuals.

Non-excludable and non-rivalrous is the definition of “public goods”; through competition and trustless-contracts and designs, we can potentially reward the right people to bridge Ethereum and crypto forward.

The scenic view of tomorrow’s economy is only as beautiful of a gaze as a public good, when it’s not veiled by a fog of immense greed. This view implies rivalry, making it an impure public good.

If that is inevitably a result of human psychological folly, then we must adapt to leverage it for the greater good.
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